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Ship Ports using Cold Ironing


Rotary Frequency Selection
Why Ship Ports are turning to Cold Ironing

Ship Ports using cold ironing can see a large reductions of emissions with ships shutting off their engines. Cold Ironing is where vessel that are docking at ports will shut off their engines and plug into the port power. Cold Ironing is the term that ship use when they shut down their engines and let the iron get cold. Over the last 10 years there has been several  reports studying the feasible of ports using cold ironing.  The conclusion to these reports is that cold ironing is  cost effective for a large number of terminals and  for a large percentage of ship visited. 

Containers ships, passenger ships, and reefers ship are the best candidates for cold ironing. Containers ships and passenger ships are especially crucial for emissions reductions because these ships account for 56 percent of the ships visiting the United States, and both of these types of ship are growing dramatically. There are cases when cold ironing may not be cost effective. Ships with infrequent and irregular visits to a port, especially for those vessels with lower power needs an shorter berthing times. A example are tanker and bulk cargo ship.

Ship Ports using cold ironing can see a large reductions of emissions with ships shutting off their engines.

Ship Port Cold Ironing Reducing Pollution

Growth in all ship categories are expected over the next 10 years and ports are getting more pressure to improve air quality and emissions.  Federal and States Agencies are also looking how to cut down on the use of fossil fuel. Most of these studies were done before the cost of diesel fuel had gone up close to $5.00 a gallon and the discussion of global warming.  Making switching to cold ironing and plugging into port even more cost effective and important.   In California, with the use of ship port cold ironing, the goals is to reduce  emissions from the hotelling of ships by having 80 percent of the ships using cold ironing. Between 2008 and 2020, and just in California ports, the use of cold ironing they are looking at a reduction of emissions by 100,00 tons. If in 2020, and 80 percent are ship are using cold iron, it will reduce the NOx emissions by 41 tons per day!!!

A Cold Ironing Electrical Power Converter offers a economical solution for implementing ship port cold ironing.

Ship Port Cold Ironing will Require Investment by both the Ports and the Shipping company.

Cold Ironing will require significant infrastructure investment by both the ports and the shipping company. California has done great strives in implementing Ship Port Cold Ironing and we see many ports going to cold ironing. As Ship Port Cold Ironing becomes commonplace, in US or foreign port, they will reap the benefits of cold ironing when they install the necessary infrastructure to service the ships retrofitted to cold iron in California.  This would further improve the cost effectiveness of cold ironing. Just by ports in the US going to cold ironing can you envision the impact it would have on our environment and global warming.   

A Vessel plug in to Ship Port Cold Ironing.

Ship Port Cold Ironing And The Use of Cold Ironing Electrical Power Converters

Ship come from all over the world, into the US ports, with electrical power and voltage requirements that vary from country to country. Ports or vessels need a cold ironing electrical power converter to change the frequency and the voltage so they can safety run their ship power while in port. Cold Ironing Electrical Power Converter should not only provide the ability to change  frequencies, voltage and phases but provide line isolation, harmonic cancellation and other power factor correction. TEMCo, a top manufacturer of Cold Ironing Electrical Power Converters has been in business for over 25 years.  They manufacture all their products using only quality materials backed by a highly trained technical and engineering staff.  TEMCo with its helpful, knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you may have regarding Cold Ironing Electrical Power Converter. TEMCo stands behind its products with the best warranty in the industry and provides service before, during and after the sale.

TEMCo - A Brand You Can Trust For Quality Industrial Power Solutions
TEMCo Industrial Power Solutions and Cold Ironing Electrical Power Converters are chosen for the most demanding applications by some of the best companies in the world. Some of TEMCo's customers include NASA, General Motors, American Family Radio, Kaiser Permanente, Nordstrom, BAE Systems, UC Berkeley, Navy Public Works Center, US Army Executive Service, FORD, MIT, Stanford Linear Accelerator (SLAC), Lawrence Livermore National Labs (LLNL), and many thousands more. From development to distribution, TEMCo offers the best pricing with fast shipping, always at the most affordable rates


TEMCo has had extensive experience manufacturing electrical power products since 1968.

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