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United States Cold Ironing

Rotary Frequency Selection Implementing Cold Ironing In the United States Port

In many studies the fastest and most expensive ways to cut emission from fuel altogether in the United States Ports is the use of cold-ironing. United States Cold Ironing is a process where it would require ship to plugged into onshore power. The problems ports and  marine vessels are facing is the different voltages and frequencies found on ships while on shore. For ships to "plug-in" it can be an expensive infrastructure investment. Many ports will have to update their power systems.

United States Cold Ironing has started in many ports already and California  ports predicted that by 2010 that 20% of their ships will be using shore power, and by 2020 it will gradually go up to 80%. Cruise ships are setting up all their vessels for shore power. Ports all over the world are offering terminals with cold-ironing. The Navy has been using cold-ironing for years. 

 Commerical and Cruise Ships are Using Cold Ironing Electric Power Converters.

United States Ports, over the last few years, has been under great pressure to clean up the emission cause by diesel gas and other contaminates that pollute the air.  In the past, there has been very little regulation on ocean-going vessels. Most of these ocean-going vessels have been using the least expensive and dirtiest fuel available.  In 2004 the EPA put new requirement that decrease the allowable levels of sulfur in fuel used in marine vessels by 99 percents.

The majority of people do not believe the federal government regulations are  strong enough, and doesn't have a program to enforced or monitored the regulations they do pass.  The federal government  has put most of the responsible  for air pollution with each state.   California has taken great strives in setting standards to help improve air pollution and other states with Ports are following suit.

A Cold Ironing Electrical Power Converter offers a economical solution for the different voltages and frequencies that incur while vessels are at port.

What the US is doing to help implement United States Cold  Ironing

States and Federal agencies are offering incentives to ports and vessels to help implement United States Cold Ironing. Ships and vessels can receive state and federal aid to retrofit their vessels so they can plugged into shore power. Also they are helping the ports with incentive plans to update their power systems to use cold ironing.

 A Cold Ironing Electrical Converter is a another economical solution to help implement cold ironing. It provides the solution for different voltages and frequencies that can incur while vessels are at port.  For a Cold Ironing Electrical Converter call TEMCo a US business that offers quality, back by a highly trained staff to assist you. Another factor that is helping making vessels switch to cold ironing is the original industry projections to retrofit vessels was $1.5 million, now they are projection $225,000 dollars. 

 Cold Ironing Electrical Power Converter takes care of the voltage and frequencies when a ship is plug-in while docking.

TEMCo - A Brand You Can Trust For Quality Industrial Power Solutions
TEMCo Industrial Power Solutions and Cold Ironing Electrical Power Converters are chosen for the most demanding applications by some of the best companies in the world. Some of TEMCo's customers include NASA, General Motors, American Family Radio, Kaiser Permanente, Nordstrom, BAE Systems, UC Berkeley, Navy Public Works Center, US Army Executive Service, FORD, MIT, Stanford Linear Accelerator (SLAC), Lawrence Livermore National Labs (LLNL), and many thousands more. From development to distribution, TEMCo offers the best pricing with fast shipping, always at the most affordable rates


TEMCo has had extensive experience manufacturing electrical power products since 1968.

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